My name is Misti. I am a mother of 2 beautiful boys who reside here on earth with me and 1 beautiful boy that resides in Heaven with God. His name is Kross Scottland. This blog site is dedicated to him. On December the 31st, 2008 I never dreamed that I would be reading a pregnancy test that showed positive. I never imagined I would be carrying a 3rd boy. I would of never believed that I had to say goodbye to that boy 37 weeks later. I have been so deeply wounded by the events of the past year and my very loving husband created this site to help me share. My writing will include some things that are terribly difficult to write and certainly some things that are terribly difficult to read. I warn you with all of the love from the heart of a mother that this is going to be sometimes painful, heart wrenching, hopeful, happy, sad, desperate, and joyous. I do not tread lightly forward in my life desiring to mask the events of my journey. If you so desire join me, share, comment, cry, laugh, hurt, and heal with me..Misti